a drop in the ocean a change in the weather
i was praying that you and me might end up together

hi im bri and i cry about the good wife almost constantly. you will find a lot of battlestar galactica, samantha barks, nashville, teen wolf and the good wife on this blog. living a jamie bamber appreciatino life. previously known as msbarks milafknkunis and cptnthrace

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A   t r a i n   t h a t   w i l l   t a k e   y o u   f a r   a w a y .

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You would think that teenagers would be the most rudest customers when really it’s mostly old, middle-aged people. 

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I thought big bad wolf doesn’t like parties.

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maybe i’m a warrior, maybe i was wrong
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Who swears the most on set? 

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♥ stiles comforting lydia ♥

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❁ meet the blogger ❁

name:  bri (kelsey)
nickname: kels, kelsey b, bri
favorite flower: cattleya
favorite fruit: gala apple
favorite ice-cream flavor: cookies & cream
favorite pastime:  reading, writing, seeing movies, sims lbr
day or night: day usually but night in summer
chocolate or vanilla: vanilla
how do you take you coffee/tea: a bit of milk and two sugars
zodiac sign: virgo
your catchphrase: so yeah
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The shock is in Episode 15, but Episode 16 is where you see the ripple effect of how everyone is taking the news. Reading the script was very hard for me. The scenes between Alicia and Diane… it really broke me up reading it. It was beautifully written and crafted and I was thrilled to be a part of it. There’s a moment at the end of the episode where Alicia is dealing with her memory of the day that it happened… Let’s just say that there was a phone-call moment that I had [which was] the last piece of real acting that I did on the show, and that was a very emotional moment for me. I think we did about five or six takes. And as each take progressed, I found myself getting more and more emotional, because I realized this is the last time I’d be talking as this character. This emotion came from some sort of deep place inside of me. And I had to kind of contain it somewhat. But that was when it hit me. That moment was one I will remember for a long time.
Josh Charles, in a really touching interview about his departure (x)
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